Business Ideas


Project proposal

1.   Our plan

2.   How can we implement our plan?

3.   Prospect of our plan

4.   Tentative/approximate expenditure

5.   Challenges to materialize our plan

6.   Ways to overcome challenges


1.    PLAN

Introduction: Information technology has been dominating the world for the last couple of years. This is 2020. It is clear that in the coming years IT will be the super power in business, communication, medical science, military forces, recreation etc.

There are so many ways to be an entrepreneur. But if you integrate/mix up information technology with your idea, you have ample opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur.

Only by making an app like foodpanda, uber or pathao you can be a successful entrepreneur. An IT startup is always promising. But the idea must be unique and innovative to make your startup successful.

Foodpanda itself is not doing any business. Foodpanda is a food delivery app. But we all know that the app is earning millions of taka every single month by delivering restaurant food at the doorstep of the food lovers.

If we create an app and integrate our business with the app and website it could be an excellent step to be successful in our journey. We also should keep it in mind that only app and website can’t make our startup or business successful if we don’t give enough effort to make it successful.

Chaldal is a famous grocery startup in Bangladesh. They started their business in 2013. After passing 7 years journey of fluctuation chaldal is now a leading startup company in Bangladesh in 2020.

What could be our startup? We can start an online grocery shop like chaldal. We also can start a courier service like ecourier. We can launch a multi-vendor website like daraz. We can launch a matrimonial website like bibahabd. There are so many ideas we can generate. But to implement the ideas and make it successful it will require a huge effort.

A different idea: Side by side our startup we can involve us in fish farming. Fish is always in huge demand in the market. Bio flock, the new technology of fish farming can produce 10 to 15 times more fishes than traditional way of fish farming. In traditional fish farming we need a big pond. But in bio flock we can produce more fishes in a small tank. But, as bio flock is a recently invented technology we must be expert in applying the technology to get the best result.


2.    How can we implement our plan?

Online grocery shop: We can make a website and mobile app like chaldal to launch an online grocery shop. To make our app popular we will take help of social media such as, facebook, Instagram, youtube etc.

Besides social media platform we will also use others traditional way to make our platform popular.

Name: We should select such a name so that we can expand our business by adding more and more products in our website.

Fish farming: Fish farming is a profitable business. We can start fish farming in a small scale. By adopting modern technology of fish farming we may reach our goal. Here I would like to mention bio flock and bottom clean technology of fish farming.

Matrimonial Website: Nowadays people are so much busy. So, its difficult for them to find out time to look for a bride or groom for marriage. We can make a platform like bibahabd to help people to find their life partner.

IT Service and Software: IT is now a very important part of trade and commerce. To make our mission and vision successful we should have an IT section. Through our IT section, we also can give technological service to other institutes and individuals and can generate money.

Some ideas for providing IT service:

a. Creating website.

b. Creating mobile app.

c. Graphic design.

d. Video making and editing.

e. Article writing.

f. Digital marketing.

g. Making software for special purpose, such as, rent management.        

Courier and delivery service: The most important problem of Ecommerce and Fcommerce is delivery. There are so many delivery or courier services working in our country. Some of them are giving good service like ecourier and sundarban courier. But entrepreneurs are not happy with the services of most of the courier services. As ecommerce business is being increased day by day in our country, this sector requires efficient and trust-worthy delivery service provider. So, we can think about this sector to work.

Food delivery service and kitchen: Foodpanda does not have any kitchen but earning a huge revenue only by providing food delivery service to the doorstep of the food lovers.

Khans kitchen is the biggest kitchen in Bangladesh. They also have their own delivery service. We also can set up a kitchen and we can deliver our food by our own delivery system.

I have a food delivery website. The name of my website is foodboybd. If you like the name you can use it. You can visit my site. Foodboybd.

Multivendor E-Commerce Website with delivery service:

Why small business owners like to be a vendor of a multi-vendor website like daraz or ajkerdeal? Study finds mainly two reasons.

The first reason is delivery. ajkerdeal has a super delivery system which is very important for small entrepreneurs.

The second reason is traffic or audience. A big multi-vendor website has a big audience that helps the entrepreneurs to reach more people with their product without any advertising cost. The multi-vendor website itself spend a huge amount of money on advertisement to bring more and more traffic in their website.

We can launch a multi-vendor website to work with small entrepreneurs. If we can develop a very good delivery system and if our payment system can satisfy our clients there is scope to be successful by attracting more and more vendors to be a proud member of our system. And obviously, we have to make our platform popular by using different strategies. We must satisfy our buyers through our service. We must ensure the quality of the products before enlisting the entrepreneurs as our merchant. We have to satisfy both sides the buyers and the sellers.

We will take decision whether we will sell anything or not by using this platform.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing:

Blogging and affiliate marketing also could be a very good idea to start an online business. To start blogging as a business the entrepreneur must have excellent skill in English language. Because to monetize a blog the language of the blog should be English. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing of various products of different websites like Amazon, Ebay, themeforest, Fiverr etc. are the great way of earning money. Selecting a perfect niche and writing good and attractive articles will bring traffic to the blog and this traffic helps to generate revenue. 

Special website and app for house, office, shop and miscellaneous:

We can make an online platform for the house, office and shop owners to find people who are looking for house, office or shop to buy or to take as rent. 

The people who are also looking for house, office or shop to buy or take as rent will be able to find their desired address through this platform. 

We also can provide facilities for the buyers and sellers to buy and sell used products like website.

Education software:


3.    Prospect of our plan

The E-Commerce market is a fast-growing market across the world. In Bangladesh e-commerce business is also growing faster than the expectation. So, if we can work in a planned way we have a chance to set up a successful startup company.


4.  Tentative/approximate expenditure

1.   Website: 2 lac

2.   App: 5 lac

3.   Digital marketing: 5 lac

4.   Store house and office: 20 lac


1.    Developer – 2 ( 35kx2=70k)

2.   Graphic designer -1 ( 20k )

3.   Video editor -1 ( 20k )

4.   Digital marketing expert-1 ( 25k )

5.   E-commerce marketing expert-1 ( 35k )

6.   Store Assistant: 5 ( 15kx5=75k )

7.   Delivery boy: 5 ( 15kx5=75k )





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