wonders of modern science
Wonders of Modern Science
 Wonders of Modern Science
This is the age of science. Without science, we can't think of our existence. Science has made our life easy.
Science has contributed greatly to our comforts and pleasures. We sleep on the lap of science. From our waking to sleep, we feel the presence of science.
 The first wonder of modern science is electricity. Electricity has created/brought about a revolutionary change in our life. All the scientific technologies depend on electricity.
The radio is another invention of modern science. Through radio, we can hear news or music without wire.
Television is a wonderful gift of modern science. TV helps us to hear sounds and see pictures.
 In the medical field science has done a great improvements X-ray, ECG, Penicillin are the great invention of medical science.
 Modern science has contributed a lot in the field of agriculture. The invention of the tractor, insecticides, fertilizers, etc are contributing a lot to increase agricultural production.
The computer is another wonder of modern science. Through a computer, we can do a lot of work within a short time.
The submarine is also a great wonder of modern science. Submarine helps Navy to fight against an enemy from an unknown place remaining under seawater.
 Satellite is another wonder of modern science. Satellite help us to broadcast TV programs and to collect information about different places.
The Internet is a great invention of modern science. Through the internet, we can get information about the whole world easily.
Email helps us to send mail to anybody and receive mail from anybody within a moment.
 The airplane is an excellent invention of modern science. By airplane, we can go on a long-distance within a short time.
Bus and the car are also useful inventions of modern science. Bus and car have made our journey easy and comfortable.
 The mobile phone is the latest invention of modern science. It helps us to talk to people all over the world easily. We also can send and receive messages through a mobile phone.
The wonders of science can't be described in short. We can't live without the help of modern science.

Journey by Bus

     A Journey by Bus
 A journey is always pleasant to me. My heart leaps up with joy whenever I go on a journey.
Last summer vacation I got an opportunity to make a journey by bus. My uncle lives in Khulna. He invited me to visit Khulna. On the occasion of last summer vacation, I visited my uncle’s home in Khulna.
 On a sunny morning, I went to Gabtali bus station to go to Khulna. I bought a ticket for an AC bus. I was lucky to have my seat by the side of a window.
 At 7:30 AM our/my bus started running towards Khulna. Just after 30 minutes, our bus crossed Savar Bazar. There was beautiful scenery on both the side of the road. I was amazed at the roadside natural scenery. I became very happy to see green trees through the window.
Our bus was a luxurious bus. The interior of the bus was very beautiful. The seat was attractive and cozy. The supervisor of the bus was very much friendly. The driver of the bus was an expert one. We were given food and cold drinks inside the bus.
High speed gives us mixed feelings, feelings of fear and pleasure. At the very beginning I was afraid of the high speed of the bus but with the passage of time it became a pleasure to me.
After one and half an hour our bus reached Aricha ferry ghat. We crossed mighty Padma river by a big ferry.
 After crossing the Padma our bus again started running towards Khulna. I saw amazing natural scenery through the window and became very happy. At 3:30 PM our bus reached Khulna bus station.
I enjoyed the journey very much because it was my first journey by bus to a long distance. I made a short distance bus journey in Dhaka before.
My uncle was there to receive me. We hired a rickshaw to reach our destination. It was a nice journey. I will never forget the memory of this beautiful journey.

Unemployment Problem

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh    
   Unemployment is surely a serious problem all over the world. But over the last few years, unemployment has become an unavoidable threat to our country.  Bangladesh is a developing country and as a result, unemployment causes more impact on the national and economical sector of our country.

 Many factors play a role for unemployment in our country. Such as- the rapid growth of population, lack of proper education, lack of different facilities to people, etc. 

Moreover, as there is overpopulation in our country, the majority of the people remain unemployed despite having the proper education and knowledge as there are fewer opportunities in Bangladesh.

Due to unemployment, not only a person suffers but also the national economy of that country suffers. As a result of unemployment people often get involved in different criminal activities. And thus the crime rate also increases. 

Not only that due to unemployment, generation after generation their children also don’t get the required facilities needed for them and thus it goes on and on which results in no change.

Unemployment also causes people to become easily frustrated with their life and it results in them to suffer mentally and physically. And so many people give up on their life.

Finding a solution will help to reduce the rate of unemployment. Though it is only a matter of time to eradicate it fully. Otherwise, the people and the nation both will suffer tremendously due to unemployment as it is one of the main reasons behind a country’s lagging behind.

Free education is available in our country but despite that, there is still lacking as the number of schools is not enough. Moreover, if the number of mills and factories increases then surely more people will be educated.

Another way which is very effective in this modern world is to be self-employed and it has now become very easy due to the advancement of technology and modern science through the internet.

Today’s youth are the future of a country. So if they are guided properly then surely there will be less number of unemployment problem occurring in the country later. Thus more and more opportunities for experiencing new things should be introduced to them.

Surely, it will not be an easy task to solve the problem of unemployment in our country. But if everyone comes together with the help of the government and creates new opportunities and facilities for the people then surely it will not be impossible for Bangladesh to get rid of unemployment.

Student Life


 Student Life or Duties of A Student

The time we spend in different educational institutions to acquire knowledge in our life is called student life. This is the best time of our life.

Student life is the time to acquire knowledge and skill to face the challenges of real life. It is called the golden time of our life. Success and happiness of future life depend fully on the proper utilization of the time of student life.

The main duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. In addition to reading his textbook he also should read newspapers, storybooks, novels, drama etc. But he should not be only a book worm.  He also should take physical exercise regularly.

An aimless life is like a ship without a rudder. So, a student should set his or her goal in student life and work accordingly. A student should put much more emphasis on Math and English to face real-life challenges.

A student should keep in mind that time and tide wait for none. So, he should utilize every single moment.

A student should take care of his health because health is the greatest wealth for a human being. Without having a sound body a student won’t be able to reach his goal. To be physically fit a student should take part in different games and sports.

The main responsibility of a student is to study. Nevertheless, a student should take part in different socio-cultural activities to help the people of the society.

Student life is the time of preparation for future life. So, a student should acquire some life skills side by side his study such as computer literacy, speaking English, cooking, empathy etc.

In his free time or during holidays he can visit his own village to make people aware of the importance of education, family planning and many other things.

A student who works hard in student life can lead a happy and successful life in the future. So, he should be hardworking and dutiful. He should go to school regularly and listen to his teachers attentively.

A student must follow the rules of discipline in his personal and school life. He should abide by the rules of the school. He should follow the instructions of his teachers and parents.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is a proverb. A student should go to bed early and get from bed early in the morning. A student should not be lazy in performing his works.

A student should avoid bad company. He should be gentle and polite in his behavior. He must be well-behaved and punctual.

As student life is the seed-time of a human being so a student should properly utilize this valuable time.




Bangabandhu Satellite 1

 Bangabandhu satellite-1 is the first Bangladesh geostationary communications and broadcasting satellite. It was manufactured by Thales Alenia Space and launched on 12 May 2018. It was launched on 12 May, 2018. After launching the Satellite, Bangladesh began to receive the test signal from it on 12 May 2018.

 The project was implemented by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). It was launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket.

 Bangladesh government formed a government-owned Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited; BCSCL to operate Bangabandhu Satellite 1.

 Bangabandhu Satellite 1 was launched from Kennedy Space center on Merritt Island; Florida, USA and Utilized ground control stations built by Thales Space with its partners Spectra Primary Ground Stations in Gazipur and Secondary ground Station at Betbunia, Rangamati.

 The satellite was initially planned to be launched on an Airance 5 rocket on 16 December 2017 to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh. But for the want of firm guarantee from Ariane Space for the date, BRTc chose Falcon 9 launch vehicle instead.

 The satellite is named after the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It carried a total of 40Ku-band and C-band transponders with a capacity of 1600 mega-hertz and a predicted life span to exceed 15 years.

 There are two types of T.V channels in Bangladesh; Terrestrial, Satellite. The only terrestrial T.V channel in Bangladesh is BTV. Now the other private T.V channels and BTV World broadcast their programmes through Bangabandhu Satellite 1.

 Military powers worldwide use satellites to have different types of information. And those types of satellites are called military satellites. Though Bangabandhu Satellite 1 is a military satellite, but I think, our armed forces are getting benefits through it.

 To see the movement of the sea storm, satellite is widely used. Nowadays people all over the world get prior information about dangerous sea storms like hurricane, tornado, tsunami, etc by using satellite. We can see important international football or cricket matches by sitting at our homes on our T.V through satellite. So this is a great contribution of satellite for us because without going to stadium directly, we can enjoy the matches.

 Scientists can keep an eye on the globe to see climate changes, wildfires, changes in land structure in different areas of the world, see and desert storms, etc through satellite.

 In the age of Globalization, Bangabandhu Satellite 1 will undoubtedly play a significant role nationally to not only digitalize Bangladesh but also to materialize Bangabandhu’s dream of transforming Bangladesh into one of the most developed countries in the world in the future.




  Computer and Internet/computer/Importance of computer 

Computer is one of the most important inventions of modern science. Computer helps us to accomplish different sorts of work easily.

Computer was invented by an English mathematician called Charles Babbage. He invented two types of computer called analytical engine and differential engine in 1830. Later, professor Howard Akin of Harvard university invented modern computer in 1944.

Computer works wonderfully and effectively. The fastest computers can solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately.

Computer is the most important media of education in developed countries. Teachers and students use computer to prepare their study materials. The results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of computer.

 Nowadays trade, business and commerce cannot be thought of without a computer. Today design and printing cannot be done without computer.

Computer and internet work together. With the help of internet we can communicate with the people of different countries within a moment. Through internet and computer we can send and receive email, image, text, file, video etc. across the world within the twinkle of an eye.

Computer is very important in education sector. Now-a-days students and teachers can't think of their study and research without computer and internet. At the time of pandemic of covid-19 schools, colleges and universities are closed for sine die. In this situation internet is helping us to continue our study. Computer is used in all spheres of our life. It is used in education, medical science, agricultural, commerce, printing and industrial sector etc. It has lessened our work and made our life easy and comfortable.

Though computer has so many merits it has some demerits too. It cause problem to the eyesight of the user. It also causes back pain to the users. It also can cause great disaster if there is any wrong in programming.

Computers are widely used in the medical sector for diagnosis and treatment, banks, government and private offices, NGO'S, business houses, publishing and printing houses etc.

Army, navy and air force use computer and special software in the modern war to beat their opponent. Drone is controlled by computer. Multi-role combat aircraft show their best performance with the help of computer technology. Submarine also use computer to perform their best. All types of missiles use computer technology to hit the target.

Young and educated people of Bangladesh are earning a lot by using computer. With the help of computer and internet they could employ themselves in IT sector. They are working as freelancers in different international market place and earning dollars.

In fine it can be said that computer is a part and parcel now-a-days in our day to day life.  




Your Visit to a Place of Historical Interest

Last Friday, the students of class 10 of our school went to Sonargaon which is a famous place of historical interest in Bangladesh. It was a study tour. Visiting such places help us to gain knowledge about the history. It took one and a half hour to reach Sonargaon because it was early morning. We started our journey at 7.30 am.

 Sonargaon is a Upazilla of Narayanganj district. Once Sonargaon was the capital of East Bengal. And there was a famous ruler and in Sonargaon Whose name was Isha kha. He was a legendary Warrior. He fought all his wars with great courage He never showed cruelty with his enemies. For his such qualities, he was the best rulers among the “Baro Bhuiyans” in East Bengal.

 Sonargaon’s main attraction point is it’s folklore museum. The museum contains a lot of historic instruments of Isha kha's time. Entering the museum, we saw all those ancient things like 'Nakshikatha', folklore arts, furniture, war used weapons etc. Of them, the most amazing was Isha kha’s sword. It was big and looked quite heavy.

 Outside the museum, there was a pond. It had its own ancient beauty. There were empty fields which at that time were used for training or preparation for war. But now, those fields are used to set up fairs.

 There were many stalls in that not so big field. I bough some hats and small toys for my siblings. Beside the fair, there was a small twas meaning big field. programme on. A stage was raised. A Singer was singing songs. We waited there and enjoyed the program for few minutes.

 Visiting the museum, we stopped at a small restaurant for our lunch. We all were hungry so we ate with great pleasure We got to know about many ancient stories and stuffs mainly from the museum.

 It is always a pleasure to visit such a historical place. Besides bookish knowledge, we need to explore, to gain practical knowledge. Visit to Sonargaon was a pleasant tour.




My Hobby

My hobby is programming. I love programming because it is the basic of all sorts of IT related problems and solvation of those problems,

Couple of years ago / In the past people’s hobbies were singing, reading books, gardening etc. But with the passage of time, hobbies have changed. Now we are more related to technology. For this reason, my hobby is programming.

 I am a student of class ten. As I read in science, it would be easy for me in the future, to carry on my passion by learning how to program properly. By programming, today’s every tech is working properly.

Programming actually is problem-solving technology. To fix the problems related to software or apps or web pages, programming is a must. By it, we can build apps. And I like it for such reasons. By programming, I can utilize my time very efficiently. Unlike others, I am utilizing my free time to learn a skill.

Everyone’s hobby has reason. Most of them are only mental pleasure, but my hobby is something different. Programming helps me solve many technical problems. By program I am learning to create apps and many other related things.

With the help of programming, I want to build apps which will be very useful and helpful to all. Already there are a loads of apps and websites which are some big milestones in this category.

In future, I want to build app to help the farmers in their work. In that app, I will add functions through which they will be able to keep their records of buying and selling of goods and their profit and loss.

I would also like to create app for the students which will help them to solve their doubts and make their studies more interesting. Because in our country, students are not much interested in studies. By making the study interesting I will be able to make them study. So the students will prosper in future.

I have chosen programming hobby, because it will help me help the world in many ways. We all know that Bangladesh is not very advanced in drone technology. But many countries have already started using drones to their best. And these drones work by the help of programming. The programmes that are set in them, helps them to work. So, I’ll create advanced programmes by the help of programming which can be used to build advanced or high-tech drones.

Our country’s relationship with Myanmar is not so good at this moment. So, the Soldiers need to guard/keep an eye on the borders of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The border regions are hilly regions. So, deploying soldiers is a tough job. Through programming a drone with special abilities to keep an eye on the borders, can be created.

Programming also is used in case of trains. Recently, the Padma bridge’s railway track is an important topic to discuss about. As it is a one way track, if train from both sides come, a very big accident can occur. So, I will make such an app which will stop every second train that will be crossing the Padma bridge from opposite direction. If a train starts passing from one end of the bridge, other side’s entry will automatically be closed. And that will be notified to the upcoming train in time by the software or app. So, a dangerous accident cam be stopped from occurring by the help of programming.

I started programming just a year ago. And soon I felt that its the best thing for me to learn and use it in future for the development of my country. I practice it often in my free times. As it has a nice future, I will choose higher level programming learning in my future studies.




  My Future Plan of Life

I am a student of science in class ten. It's the first step for my dream to materialize. I want to be a software be materialized engineer in my future. For that, I’ve chosen science as my subject. Without a science background, I will not be able to achieve my goal.


After my SSC examination, I will try to get myself admitted in Notre Dame College or colleges like that where science studies is well known. To build a strong basic, college life studies will help me a lot. After college, I would like to get admitted in BUET University or universities which are similar to BUET. RUET, CUET, KUET are my second options. If I couldn’t get admitted in all these then I will try for other public universities.

I want to study CSE. If I could get myself admitted in a famous university like BUET, I will study BSE in CSE from BUET University.

After finishing my university studies, I want to go to abroad and study in a foreign university. I’ll have to give IELTS or TOEFL for that. After completing my MSc in abroad, I will enrol myself as a PhD student. I will come back to my country and start my own IT farm.

Our country has a lot of meritorious pupil. But due to the lack of knowledge, they can't be skilled enough to serve the nation. So, I will train the youth and help the unskilled manpower to turn themselves into skilled manpower in IT sectors.

Besides this I also would like to build applications which will be beneficial for the mass people. As IT sectors have many scopes, I will try to make apps for farmers and students.

For farmers I would like to create an app that would help them to keep records of their crop production, selling and buying costs, and also the calculation of profit or loss in their farming. I will also set up a call center for the farmers who will be facing problems to use the app.

I would like to create two types of apps for students. One will be the collection of all the NCTB books and other related guides from elementary class to class ten. Another app for giving and receiving records and home works of classes from anywhere.

If my app succeeds, I hope, I will be able to serve the two major groups of our nation. So, I would like to be an engineer to serve my nation.



Population Problem

Population Problem of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country. The area of Bangladesh is 1, 47,570 sq/km. But Bangladesh has a huge population. Bangladesh has a population over 180 million.

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. The population of a country is an asset but overpopulation is a burden. The density of population in Bangladesh is 1291 per sq/km. Each and every year more than two million people are being added to our population.

The population of Bangladesh is increasing at an alarming rate. The present growth of population in Bangladesh is 22(per thousand). Population problem is now number one problem in Bangladesh.

The main reason for the rise of population is ignorance. A large number of people in Bangladesh are illiterate. They don’t understand the problem of over population. They do not like family planning. Some other reasons for increasing population are polygamy, marriage on early age, expecting male children etc.

The population of the country is increasing day by day. The area of Bangladesh is too small to support this huge number of people.

In proportion to our land our population is huge. As a result, it creates food problem, communication problem, educational problem, shelter problem, health problem, medical problem, environmental problem and all these problems lead to poverty.

Unemployment problem is so acute in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of boys and girls are receiving higher degrees from universities. But they are not getting job as there is no vacant post in the job sector. So, they remain unemployed.

There are crowds everywhere in buses, trains, market, schools and colleges. If population in Bangladesh increases at present rate we will face a great problem in near future.





Childhood Memories

Childhood is the sweetest and most memorable period in a man’s life. Every man or woman has childhood memories. I also have some beautiful childhood memories. Whenever I remember my childhood days, I feel happy and delighted.

I have grown up in a very loving family. I have one sibling with whom I used to play.

I can still remember clearly the aroma of my grandmother’s pickles. I used to help her whenever she made pickles.

On holidays I along with my parents went out to visit different important and interesting places like national zoo, museum, botanical garden, Lalbag fort, Ahsan Manjil etc.

Childhood memories shape our personality and future. Childhood memories remind us the good and beautiful times. Childhood memories remind us of our past experiences and mistakes which help us to improve ourselves.

I was born and brought up at Uttara in Dhaka. I used to play with my friends around our home. Our building is very near to Airport. I enjoyed seeing taking off and landing the airplane.

There was a playground near to our building. I used to play in the playground with my cousins and friends. I really miss those friends and days.

Everyone has their own childhood memories. Not all the memories are same. Some memories remind us happiness and some memories remind us sadness. But my childhood was full of happiness.

The memory of my school days are really sweet. The campus of my school was awfully beautiful. I can still remember the loving face of my teachers. The teachers were really caring to us. I can still remember the beautiful face of my friends.

I have so many colorful childhood memories. I will never ever forget my golden past.




Physical Exercise

 Physical exercise means regular movements of different limbs of our body. Physical exercise helps us to be in sound health with a sound mind.

The are various types of physical exercises such as- walking, running, swimming, jogging, rowing, boxing, cycling etc.

Morning and evening are the best time for Physical exercise. All forms of exercise are not suitable for all people of all ages. All kinds of games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, etc. are good for young people. For women, badminton & table tennis are the best physical exercises. On the other hand, walking is good for all people and especially for the aged people.

A man who’s healthy is the happiest in the world. He enjoys his life more than an unhealthy man. He passes his days with heavenly pleasure. He enjoys infinite pleasure, because of his sound body. A sick or physically weak person on the other hand leads a miserable life in the world. Life becomes dull to him/her. He becomes a burden to himself. He also becomes a burden to the nation, to his family and also to society. An unhealthy man can do nothing for society.

For the students' physical exercise is very important. They are the most important citizens of the country. Student life is the life of preparation for future struggles. They will lead the nation tomorrow. They can not expect to face real-life challenges without having good health. So doing physical exercise is a must for the students to be fit physically and mentally.

There are some norms for taking physical exercise. Over exercise is harmful to the body. Physical exercise should be done in the open air and not in a closed room. Again exercise shouldn’t be done with an empty stomach or just after having food. We should always keep in mind that over-exercise is injurious to health, it damages our muscles or body.

There are so many good sides of physical exercises to be described. Our body is just like a machine. Our body cannot function well without movement or exercise. Exercise helps us to digest our food properly. Physical exercise makes our bones & muscles strong. It makes us hard working. It prevents various diseases to be developed in our body.

Our body and mind are interrelated. There is a proverb that, “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. So to be mentally fit, we must take Physical exercise regularly. Physical exercise is one kind of recreation as it helps us to be free from monotony, dullness and boredom.

Physical exercise gives us fresh energy. It refreshes our mind and helps us to work with new enthusiasm. Besides, physical exercise increases the resistance power of the body. It also increases our life-span.

So, we should form the habit of regular physical exercise.




Importance of Reading Newspaper

 Newspaper brings news to us of home & abroad. Newspaper is the storehouse of information and knowledge. Without newspaper, we cannot pass a single day.

The newspaper was first published in China. The first Bengal newspaper was “The Shamachar Darpan” published in 1888 in Kolkata. There are many types of newspapers. They are dailies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, etc. News and information of daily affairs are the contents of the daily paper. Newspaper also publishes stories, poems, articles, etc.

To the people of all walks of life newspaper is really useful. We can not think of our present world without the newspaper. The newspaper has brought the world closer to us.

Newspaper contains all sorts of news and information. So, we can enrich our knowledge by going through the newspaper, We get instant information about what is happening in the world from newspaper.

There is a section of public opinion in each and every newspaper. People write letters about public importance to the editor to publish it in newspaper. And thus this newspaper section helps people to raise their voice about different problems of society and country through the news.

Newspaper also plays an important role to make people aware about different problems existing in the society. For instance, during pandemics like Covid 19, the newspaper gives people information about the dos and don’ts. The newspaper also helps people to increase the patriotism among the people, People also get information on different national & international issues through the newspaper.

Railway timing, bus timing, launch timing, airplane timing, all we can get through newspaper, We also get job advertisements of both government and non-government jobs through newspaper. We are also informed about new laws and projects of government by reading newspaper.

Newspaper is the cheapest means of mass education. So it has great educative value. To get more information about different subjects students read newspaper.

It is also a great medium of recreation By going through the newspaper we get information about sports, media, lifestyle, fashion etc. and can entertain us. At the time of journey, newspaper can be our best friend to accompany.

From newspaper we get the news and information of technology, trade and commerce, home affairs, foreign affairs etc. There are also separate pages for children and women, economy, military technology etc.

In fact, it can be said that newspaper is the part and parcel of our daily life. So we should read newspaper to remain updated about the news and information of the world.




  Climate Change

Today the hottest topic around the world is climate change. Climate change is threatening lives on Earth. The results of climate change is awfully dangerous. Climate change results in an adverse change in the environment and a negative impact on living beings.

Over the last couple of decades, Earth has become warner because of climate change. The most important impact of climate change is global warming.

Global warming leads to various changes in the Earth. For example, the rise of sea level, excessive rainfall, sudden flood in different areas, melting ice, fluctuations of change in seasons, etc.

There are so many reasons for global warming which causes the climate to change. Such as- deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, emission of carbon, and many other activities.

The temperature of the earth is increasing alarmingly and that's why sea level is rising and people living at the seashore are in danger. Because of the emission of carbon, the ozone layer is getting destroyed. And as a result, UV rays are directly entering the earth which is very much harmful to people.

We need to prevent global warming to lead a peaceful and happy life. More and more trees should be planted. The emission of carbon should be reduced and the most important is, we should look for an alternative to fossil fuel. If we cannot control climate change and global warming, the end is near.




 Female Education

Bangladesh is an independent country. It became independent in 1971. Since then our government is trying to put emphasis on female education. Because 50% of the total population are women. And keeping half of the population away from education it’s not possible for a country to be developed.

Both men and women should work hand in hand to make the country successful. So, both men and women should receive education. And that’s why female education is important.

In the past, women were considered only as a house worker. They did not receive education. Even though some of them were eager to receive formal education, their family and society didn’t allow it.

In modern world, now we all understand the necessity of female education. A newly born child learns from mother. And if the mother is not educated, then it is impossible for her to make her child educated.

An educated woman knows well how to maintain a family and rear up children. So, she can maintain her family. Moreover, an uneducated woman is not only a burden to her family, but also to the society. The society and the family cannot expect something positive from an uneducated woman.

There are some barriers for girls to be educated. The main obstacle for girls to receive education is child marriage. Poverty, superstitions, unwillingness to educate girls are some other obstacles for the girls to be educated.

Nowadays, because of economical inflation, it is difficult to run a family smoothly by the earning of a single person.  An educated woman can do something to add income to her family. Because without education it is not possible for a woman to get a suitable job.

To make a happy family, family planning and economic planning are important. An uneducated woman doesn’t know the importance of birth control and financial planning. So, a woman must be educated.

As Bangladesh s a developing country, female education is really important for the development of our country. Our government has taken various effective steps to educate the female folk of Bangladesh.




 Digital Bangladesh

Digitalization means the application of digital or information technologies in different sectors. Digitalization helps to ensure e-commerce and e-governance in every sphere of life with the help of information technology.

 In Bangladesh, ‘Digital Bangladesh’ is a buzzword to the people of all walks of life. Developed countries are developed because they applied the knowledge of information technology through digitalization. They have made almost everything digital.

 In 2008, our government has declared to make Bangladesh as Digital Bangladesh by 2021. This is the mission and vision of Bangladesh. And this vision is known as “Vision 21”. Our government is working to digitalize most of the government and non-government services of Bangladesh by 2021.

 Now we call Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh because Bangladesh has made a huge development in the sector of information technology. Information technology helps us in different areas. Such as- increasing the literacy rate, decreasing the death rate, meeting the requirements/challenges of high life expectancy and making a happy and prosperous Bangladesh.

 There are so many benefits of digitalization. As our country is not a modern one, it is lagging behind in most of the sectors. Through digitalization by information technology, we can come up with the challenges that we are facing now.

 Just a couple of years ago, the people of Bangladesh had no mobile, computers or any other technology-related devices. Even they didn’t know the use of the internet. They had no idea about developed technology. But with the passage of time, now we know how to use the internet, how to use other technology-based devices.

 Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the people of Bangladesh are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Because of technology, our farmers are now well known for the methods of mechanized cultivation. Information technology or digitalization have helped a lot to bring about a revolution in the agricultural sector.

Today we do not need to stand in a queue to buy or collect tickets for the bus, launch, and train or to watch cricket in a stadium. We can buy tickets from the website by sitting at our home. We are getting this opportunity only because of digital technology.

TV channels and newspapers are now available online. We can easily watch TV and go through newspapers by using our mobile. Now we do not need TV to watch TV news or show and we do not need to buy a newspaper to read the news.

Through CCTV camera we can easily monitor our house, office, shop, market, school and even our area. This technology helps us to keep a digital eye to our surroundings to ensure our security. What is happening around us we can easily see on our mobile or computer screen with the help of this technology.

At the time of pandemic most of the working people are doing their work at home with the help of information technology. Students are being connected with their teachers through mobile or computer. Digital technology is helping the working people a lot to accomplish their work by staying at home. Students are also continuing their studies without going to their educational institutions with the help of information technology.

A huge number of people in Bangladesh are now involved in freelancing. By using their computer and technical skill they are doing remote jobs of the foreign buyers and earning a huge amount of dollars. This amazing thing has become possible only because of digital technology.

Digitalization is helping us a lot to get the services of government and non-government offices. The only problem is internet speed. Our government is trying to boost up the internet speed by getting more bandwidth through submarine cable.









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