Paragraph : A Good Teacher : For class 9 to 12


A Good Teacher

The person who teaches students in an educational institution is called a teacher. A good teacher is one of the most important persons in society as well as in the country. He is a great asset to the nation. A good teacher is never stereotype or rigid rather he/she is flexible at the time of teaching. An idle teacher is always friendly with his/her students. A good teacher motivates students in such a way that arouses their eagerness for learning. He/she always makes lessons simple and easy. A good teacher tries heart and soul to develop the confidence level of the students. He believes that each and every student has hidden talents and tries to bring out that latent talent. He also wants to make his students happy and healthy by involving them in different co-curricular activities. The main aim of a good teacher is not only to make his students pass in the exam, but also to prepare them in such a way so that they can face their real-life challenges. A good teacher is always well-mannered. He keeps a smile on his face while teaching or speaking with his students. Because of his good appearance, students feel easy to ask him any question. He is a real leader. He is honored and respected by all.


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