Paragraph : Global Warming : For Class 9 to 12


Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. The rise of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is the main reason for global warming. Deforestation is another reason for global warming. We know, trees take away carbon dioxide to prepare their food. But because of deforestation, carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere and it leads to global warming. So, if we can plant more and more trees, they will absorb the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and will help to decrease global warming. The burning of excess fossil fuel emits huge toxic fumes into the atmosphere and causes global warming. Global warming has disastrous effects on lives and nature. Some areas on earth are experiencing a sudden rise in temperature. While others are experiencing a sudden fall in the temperature. Scientists have warned that, because of global warming, the sea level of the Bay of Bengal will rise. And as a result, the coastal areas of Bangladesh will go underwater in near future. And if it happens, millions of people will become, this is a reason for great worry for us. The climate of the whole world is being fluctuated because of global warming. Because of global warming, the ozone layer is being damaged. And as a result, the harmful ultraviolet rays are coming directly to the world and causing a huge disaster. World leaders are trying to solve this problem by controlling the emission of carbon dioxide from mills and factories worldwide.


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