Paragraph : Nakshi Kantha : For Class 8


Nakshi Kantha

Nakshi kantha is a beautiful embroidered quilt of Bangladeshi origin. It is a traditional trend of Bangladeshi culture. The name “Nakshi Kantha” was derived from the Bangla word naksha that means artistic pattern. The famous poet Jasimuddin wrote the poem “Nakshi Kanthar Matth” in 1929 and since then the word nakshi kantha became famous. This traditional craft is famous for its beautiful and artistic embroidery. Making nakshi kantha is an art and this art has been practiced for centuries in our country. It is a great symbol of our rural culture and tradition. Old or new colourful saree and thread are used to make this beautiful nakshi kantha. Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Faridpur, Rajshahi, Bogura and Jessore are most famous for this craft. Village women prepare this in their free time by using needle, thread and saree. They have great skill to do this job. They stitch every single nakshi kantha with love and sincerity. By making and selling nakshi kantha they can earn extra money which help them to be empowered financially. Nakshi kantha has a deep connection with our life and culture. In the past, it was only used for family purposes. But now the scenery has completely changed. Nakshi Kantha is now being used for commercial purposes too. Each and every year a good number of nakshi kantha are also being exported to many foreign countries. People believe that this handicraft increases the beauty of houses and shops. That is why nowadays some people use nakshi kantha to enhance the beauty of their shop and house. Nakshi kantha is now being sold in cities in some famous fashion houses. It is always in high demand because of its colourful design and pattern. We are proud of our nakshi kantha.


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