Paragraph : A Moonlit Night : For Classes 9 to 12


A Moonlit Night

In a moonlit night the full moon shines in the sky. The surrounding environment floods with the amazing light of the full moon. A moonlit night is really charming and attractive. We can enjoy a moonlit night if the sky is clear. If there is cloud in the sky, we cannot enjoy the moonlit night. A Moonlit Night soothes our heart. The moon looks like a silver disc on a moonlit night. It seems the whole area is bathing through the amazing light of the moon. The water bodies like canals, rivers, ponds, lakes sparkle with the beautiful light of the moon. People enjoy a moonlit night very much. Rural boys and girls play different types of rural games on a moonlit night. On the other hand, urban boys and girls arrange BBQ parties on their rooftop. Generally, people go to bed late on a moonlit night as they enjoy the beauty of the moonlit night. They pass their time gossiping. This is a great amusement for them. Having a walk on the riverside or on the lakeside is really pleasant that people enjoy in a moonlit night. A moonlit night is really enjoyable to the people of all ages.



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