Paragraph : Food Adulteration : For Class 9 to 12


Food Adulteration

Food is the fuel of human being. We the human being cannot live without food. To lead a happy life, we must have good food. We cannot think of our survival on earth without food. But it is a matter if great concern that some unscrupulous food businessmen are selling adulterated food. They are using/mixing different types of chemicals in fruits, vegetables, edible oil, meat, fishes, milk products, baby foods, etc. so that they look fresh. These chemicals are very much harmful for the human body. The main cause of food adulteration is the greed and immortality of the businessmen. Human life had no importance to them. After research it is found that most of the foods are being adulterated extremely. The harmful chemicals, the dishonest businessmen use are, DDT, Aldrin, formalin, carbide etc. Adulterated foods are seriously detrimental/harmful to our health. By eating adulterated foods, we fall victim to many incurable diseases like, cancer kidney failure, lever damage, heart diseases, headache, high blood pressure, etc. It is high time to stop food adulteration. Our government is trying heart and soul to stop food adulteration. There is a government agency named ‘Safe food authority’ working to check this bad practice. They sometime conduct mobile drive and fine the restaurants, fish sellers, vegetable sellers etc. For adulteration. And we are getting a positive result of such kind of drives. Our print and electronic media are also playing a vital role in this regard. Common people also should be conscious to get rid of this problem.


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