Paragraph : Dengue Fever : For Class 9 to 12


Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a viral disease that is caused by mosquito bites. There are so many types of mosquitos in nature. Among them, Aedes is one. Aedes mosquitos are responsible for the transmission of the dengue virus. The main symptom of the dengue virus is a strong fever. The other symptoms are severe headache, pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, pains in muscles and joints of limbs, rash, etc. The dengue virus can easily spread from people to mosquitos and from mosquitos to people. If an uninfected mosquito bites a person who is infected by the dengue virus, the mosquito becomes infected. And, now if this infected mosquito bites another uninfected person, he/she will be become infected by the dengue virus. And this is the way of spreading the dengue virus. After getting infected by the dengue virus, it takes 4-10 days to show the symptoms. Whenever symptoms are seen, the person will have a high fever along with some other symptoms. Before the fever reaches the severe stage, we must take action. Otherwise, this fever may result in death. Each and every year dengue fever breaks out in Bangladesh especially on the eve of the rainy season. So, we all should be careful about the reproduction of the Aedes mosquito. Water shouldn’t be kept in any pot for more than three days because it is a very good place for the Aedes mosquitos to give birth to more Aedes mosquitos. Moreover, the places around our houses should be kept clean. The drains also should remain clean. City corporations can play a vital role in this regard. To keep us safe from the infection of the dengue virus. If someone gets infected by this virus, he should immediately consult with a doctor to take proper treatment. Otherwise, it may cause death. It is also a good practice to use mosquitoes not only at night but also at day time whenever we sleep to prevent this dangerous virus. Government and the general mass can fight together to prevent the dengue virus.


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