Book Fair


Book fair is a great cultural event in Bangladesh. Book fair is a fair where various types of books are displayed for sale. A book fair is usually held in the month of February. In our country it is held in almost all the cities and towns. The largest book fair is held at the Bangla Academy premises. Hundreds of book stalls are set up in the Bangla Academy book fair. From the first day of February the book fair starts. The fair continues till the last day of February. Besides book stalls food stalls are also seen in the fair. Every day the fair opens in the afternoon. People from all walks of life come to the fair to buy books. Popular writers also visit the book fair every day. People take autographs from the writers. Some people also take photos with their favorite writers. Book fair helps to create new writers as well as new readers. It inspires people to develop the habit of reading book. Books are our best companions. They change our outlook on life. Books should be sold at a cheaper rate in a book fair. We should read books and inspire others to do so.


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