Personal Hygiene/Hygiene/Hygiene and Cleanliness



Personal Hygiene/Hygiene/Hygiene and Cleanliness

Good health is wealth. To be healthy we must maintain proper hygiene. Hygiene helps us to be fit and disease-free. There is a difference between health and hygiene. Health can be defined as a fit body and hygiene refers to daily activities done for improving health. Good hygiene will help you to be more confident, happy and physically fit. Good health is obviously more valuable than money. A person can earn money at any time but if health is ruined it is really difficult to get it back. So, it is important to cultivate the habit of hygiene to lead a healthy and happy life. The human body and mind are inter-related. So to be mentally happy we should be physically fit. If we can develop the habit of hygiene in our day to day activities we can hope to live a long and happy life. Good food, pure water and cleanliness are the most important things to maintain personal hygiene. One should put emphasis on these three things. In keeping good health we should put emphasis on cleanliness. Regular bathing, washing hands before and after taking food, brushing teeth, washing clothes, trimming nails are some ways to maintain cleanliness. In fine it can be said that hygiene is really important to lead a happy and healthy life.


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