Necessity of Learning English

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              Necessity of Learning English
English is an international language. There is a great necessity of learning English. No nation can develop without English today. A pilot or a stewardess, a telephone operator or a tourist guide must know English. Also, a person who likes to get a job in a foreign office, in a post office or in a big hotel must know English. A postman must read foreign envelopes. A telephone operator must use English to make calls to other countries. A person must talk to foreigners in English. An office cannot also function without English knowing people. International business cannot run without English. To receive higher education English is a must. Most of the top-ranking universities are located in the western world. To study in those universities skill of the English language is a must. Today jobs in home and abroad demand English language proficiency for employment. We cannot expect to get the job of a pilot, a tourist guide, a telephone operator, a postman and many good jobs without having good knowledge of English. It is also very essential for serving in foreign countries. Most of the information in the internet are in English. So, knowing the English language is very important for employment opportunities. Now, English has become a language of technology and science. Knowledge and information in the world are available in English. So, the necessity of learning English cannot be ignored in any way. That is why every one of us should learn English.


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